Top 20 Amazing Cars Of 20th Century That Played Pivotal Role In Automotive Industry


The British Motors Corporation was very popular and shortly known as BMC. This was an English based corporation that has produced a great invention in the form of Mini in 1959. The specialty of this car was that it was quite a small sized economy car that marked its place among the lists of the amazing cars of 20th century from early 1959 to 2000.

During the 1960s, this car was regarded as an icon of the British famous culture. This car had set a great revolution with its transverse motor that is situated in the front layout over the wheel drive. This is certainly one great feature as it saves nearly 80 percent of the floor pan of the car that can be used very effectively by the passengers and also for loading luggage.

The Mini has also got a great recognition when it was announced as the 2nd most influential cars of the 1900s in the year 1999. The ever conventional water cooled BMC 4-cylinder A-Series engine that varies from its traditional positioning by mounting it transversely.

The engine was oil-lubricated one, 4-speed transmission located in the sump, and makes use of the drive that is employed by the front wheels. This attempt was simply remarkable and thus many other amazing cars of 20th century also had attempted at making such kind of cars with the engine mounted transversely.