20 License Plates Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

License plates only give people a very small amount of room to work with.  If you thought writing a Tweet was hard, imagine trying to get your point across in 8 characters instead of 140.

We’ve all dreamed of having our own custom plate, but there are a lot of reasons not to get one including making yourself stand out more for the fuzz to see.  Also, who wants to give the DMV extra money?  No one in their right mind, that’s who!

Well, at least it’s fun to look at other people’s custom plates and get a good laugh!  These are guaranteed to make even the most serious of men laugh!

1. The take camo seriously in Wisconsin.

This guy is one of those cats who thinks camouflage makes him invisible to the outside world.  We all know it doesn’t, but his playful license plate gives us a good chuckle anyway.  Just don’t speed past a cop and think he won’t see you!