Top 20 Terrific Vintage Cars That Left A Strong Mark With Its Production

Vintage cars have always been one of the male kind’s weaknesses. Owning or acquiring vintage cars is very well known to be a huge achievement among many people as it instills a sense of pride in the owners. The success of a car isn’t only measured in terms of its cost and its style, but also by its production. The following article gives a brief overview of the top 20 terrific vintage cars that left a mark in the history of automobiles, with its production.




1957 Fiat 500 is one of the terrific vintage cars that has ever been produced in the history of automobile production. It was one of the best cars to have been produced at that point in time, and its ownership was considered to be a great deal at that time. The company broke records in production by producing almost 4 million units in the period 1957-1975. The main advantage of this car is that it was designed to be a city car, which was the main reason it shot to fame.




1973 Pontiac Trans Am has been the most stylish vintage car ever produced by this company. But the style was not the only reason it ended up on the terrific vintage cars list. This car also broke many records considering its production. The car, even now, is a dream for many. Around 50 thousand of these cars were produced in the year 1973 alone. The main feature of this beauty was that it could go from 0-98 MPH in a 14-15 second range.




Chevrolet Camaro is probably one of the best vintage cars ever produced by any automobile company, ever. The car is the most stylish car to have ever been designed and produced by the automotive giant Chevrolet. Around 300 thousand of these cars were produced during the years of its production, that is, around 1967 to early 1970s. This car is a dream for many, still. The car is described as “worthy of each penny paid” by the users and hence deserves to be on the list of the top 20 terrific vintage cars.