The Renowned 20 Old Classic Vintage Cars That You Should Know

Every year some great cars are launched and new concepts and technological advancements are presented. No matter what there is still the reminiscence of the old classic vintage cars of the past decades. These cars will always have that special place in our hearts. Here is a list of the renowned 20 old classic vintage cars that you should know:



The Mercedes-Benz Gullwing a very successful car coveted old classic vintage car was in production during the year 1953-1963, the fastest car of the time with its unique doors initially was offered as a coupe but later it evolved as a roadster. This one of the old classic vintage cars was the first ever production with fuel injection, and a lesser powerful carburetor. It is considered as the race car of the streets. The Gullwing could prove itself in the racing circuit winning the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Eifelerenne, the two great races of 1952.



The front wheel, front engine, four-wheel drive executive concept car the Citroen DS was aerodynamically designed, futuristic car with innovative technology including the self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension. This one of the old classic vintage cars became the mainstream car of Europeans and the unconventional choice of the Americans. The Citroen DS was available as a coupe, sedan and convertibles. A smooth, good car in terms of speed in the rough surface it went ahead to win some of the great track races.



This model of the old classic vintage cars was the second generation of the Chevrolet Bel Air in production during 1955-1957. Initially, the Bel Air range was available only as the Deluxe Premium ranges regarded as the “Hot one” in the year 1955 Bel Air received all new restyling with Ferrari like Grille and crisp styling and power upgrade made it the auto icon. It could go from 0-60mph in some 12.9 seconds. The Chevrolet Bel Air came with chrome headliner band on its hardtop.