20 Rocking Cars That Were Far Ahead Of Its Time

If you are still wondering which were the best rocking cars that were made and designed so well it offered features and configurations beyond the time where they were built. Then the list of 20 rocking cars is given below so you can read and find information about the features that brought revolutions in the automobile industry,



The impact that Citroen Traction Avant had on the world during the vintage period was phenomenal given its features, especially its front-wheel power. It was not priced high and which remained in the grasp of the middle class who could afford this beautiful car. The engine and the transaxle were located in the front giving it a nice feature and design that the buyer appreciated. No doubt this was amongst the rocking cars of the 1930s



There were only 51 cars made by the company and was among the rocking cars of the 1950s which earned fame. The innovative design marks the best feature of the car and which were actually extraordinary in shape and appearance at that time. The headlight which was placed in the center of the car gave it a unique look. The design carved on the front suspension has always shown a change during every upgrade of the Tucker family.



The most notable feature of the car was the aerodynamic shape that provided it more swiftness on the road. It was boasting an engine that could run it like a train with a transmission that was semi-automatic loaded with a vacuum system. The car featured whole advanced disc brakes on all the four wheels which were generally a feature of rocking cars. The 3-speed gearbox and the wheelbase was a big add-on to the already awesome car.