20 Unbelievable Vintage Cars That Still Provokes Our Car Love

The best thing about unbelievable vintage cars is not just their looks but also their built. Back when these unbelievable vintage cars were first manufactured, most of them were either handmade or hand assembled. They didn’t have today’s technologies, but this is what make people who love these unbelievable vintage cars love them more. Some unbelievable vintage cars that still provokes our car love are:




This is one of the cars manufactured by Aston Martin Company. The body of the car is made up of steel. The top speed of this vehicle is141mph. It can cover 60 kilometers in 8.5 seconds. This car mostly comes in colors green and grey. DOHC straight engine makes this an unbelievable vintage car. The front portion of this car is long and the back portion looks like half ā€œvā€. The gear box make of this car is 4-speed manual type.




1986 Pontiac 959 is made from a Petrol engine. The drive is manual gearbox system. The wheelbase system of this car is expanded and it is wide. Because of this, a person can rest his/her legs more time in front. The manufacture of this car was started from 1986 and it stopped by 1992. The Curvy ā€œVā€ shape front and very short back make it one of the unbelievable vintage cars of all time. The weight of this car is approximately 1000kg.




It is manufactured by Jaguar cars. 1957 Jaguar XKSS can be called as Jaguar d type engine. The major highlight of this car is that the headlight of this car bulges at front. Due to this, this car is called the sexiest car of all time and it is one of the unbelievable vintage cars. It was introduced first at Petersen Museum in LOS Angeles. Since it is made using magnesium alloy, it has good mechanical properties.