20 Unbelievable Bmw Cars That You Will Die For As A Car Lover

When it comes to cars, BMW is one of the biggest names in the market. But when it comes to awesome cars, there are some unbelievable BMW cars that you can consider as pure class. I know there are many BMW fan clubs. The love for this beautiful creation of man is needed to be admired. This list of 20 unbelievable BMW cars will make every BMW addict wide-eyed. Take a look at these 20 best BMW cars that can give you sleepless nights.

1-Series-M-Coupe-Unbelievable Bmw Cars

The 1-series M Coupe is a dream for all driving lovers and is one of the unbelievable BMW cars that the company has produced. After considering lots of aspects the company finally decided to put the M badge the car and it has been declared one of the best model that the brand can offer. The 1-series M Coupe is powered by 3.0 liters twin-turbo with 335 horsepower engine. The other important feature of the engine is that it has got a manually operated 6-speed gearbox.


The BMW 2002 tii came into the market in the late 60s and set the tone for the modern generation of Sedan and hence can be enlisted in the unbelievable BMW cars. Coming into the picture at a time when BMW’s economy and luxury car market was falling rapidly, 2002 tii’s design of unibody and square-shaped edge sedan fast became BMW’s most popular driving machines. With an engine of the specification such as 2.0 liters in-line 4, 130 break horsepower, The 2002 tii was an upcoming breed of the deluxe sports sedan.


The M1 is one of the most visually outstanding vehicles that BMW introduced. No doubt M1 is among the unbelievable BMW cars. Launched in the year 1978, M1 was the first BMW car in the M-series; also this is the only mid-engine car BMW made. BMW invented this car with the sole intention of bringing it to the company’s Pro car championship series and not particularly for the localized sale of this race car. With the engine of 277 break horsepower, M1 touched the top speed of about 161 mph.