20 Super Cool Vintage Cars That Have Been A Fantasy To Us All

Almost every one of us has a dream to own a vintage car. Few have a crazy outer body, few have dynamic performance, few have a dreamy interior and there are few vintage cars that integrate all the comforts and look. In this article, we shall discuss the 20 super cool vintage cars that have been a fantasy to us all.


The Pontiac GTO was built by Pontiac in 1964 to 1974 model years. It was a muscle car of the 1960s and 1970s era. The interior of the car was the best one and definitely deserved to one of the super cool vintage cars. The car had split leather seats for extra comfort of the riders. The stirring and the dashboard were of the same color complementing the flawless leather seats. This was one of the first cars of the history to have highly color-coordinated interior and exterior.



The Gran Sports name was used to address several high-performance muscle cars built by Buick. This was the first power up the car of its generation. The Buick GSX with stage-1 performance pack was recognized as one of the finest and top automobiles in that era. It had a perfectly fit outer body with an interior that was too cozy to leave. Only a few of these are available currently. The car was too attractive to catch any pedestrian’s view.




Mustang Boss 302 was one the best cars of Ford with exciting interiors. It was also listed as one of the super cool vintage cars. The car had spacious seats adding to its dreamy look. The interior of this car came in lights colors, contrasting the outer body and giving a royal look to the car. The string and other meters of the car had a silver lining to give a glory look to the car.