20 Quickest Cars Of The 50s That Will Freeze Your Eyes

The period of the 1900s witnessed the creation of quickest cars in the history. The jaw-dropping speed and exclusive features formed the basic structure of any stylish yet efficient car. However, there were a few cars, which made their special place in the list. Here’s the listing of Top 20 quickest cars, which are bound to keep you mesmerized.


With the inclusion of finest of all great characteristics and reinforcement of aluminum, Chevrolet Corvette is certainly one of the quickest cars created in the human history. Corvette has never failed to come up with distinct designs and astounding features in every model. The specific engine of Chevrolet Corvette comes with a four-speed gearbox. The four exposed headlamp with its updated interiors and an 8000 rpm tachometer marked a few individualistic features of this fast car.


The Chevrolet 1956 model had the ability to cover considerable distances instantly. Any condition was suitable to drive the vehicle. The model had a new body, spacious interiors with deceptive seats, convertible top, optional hardtop, and windshield. The top is power-operated, and even the power windows are comfortable in use. Overall, the car is reliable, sturdy built and attractive in its looks. Corvette made a great impact on the sports world with this particular model.


The basis of the car is 250 GT Berlinetta SWB model with a few modifications to its overall structure. The new changes included as in some major inclusions are the disc brakes and Pirelli Cinturato tires, which has acted an obvious add-on. The original headlights covered in its appearance while later it had become open. With a capability to reach a top speed of 252 Km/h, it made its place on the list of quickest cars.