20 Popular Convertibles Of The World

The open hood motors have long history and its inception took place from the days of carriages without horses. There are plenty of popular convertibles that have left their marks in the past hundred years. Some of them are classic and the others are fairly modern. Here is a list of 20 such popular convertibles that are among the best in the world.


The Italian car design company Pininfarina has manufactured Alfa Romeo Spider which is the last variant that “Pinin” Farina was engaged and one of the popular convertibles of all time. The Spider had the specialty of a unitized type body construction in the rear and front areas. The Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto was basically powered by a 108 horsepower 1557 cubic centimeters DOHC I-4 and the Veloce of 1968 had an engine spec of 118 horsepower 1779 cubic centimeters DOHC i-4 with the American models had the mechanical type fuel injection.


When you talk about the most popular convertibles made by British car manufacturers during the era of 1958 to 1961, then the obvious name that comes to mind is the Austin-Healey Sprite Mark featured with “Bugeye” headlights and of course the front grille called “smiling”. With the length of just 137 inches and small dual seats, the Austin-Healey Sprite Mark got the power from 43 horsepower, 948 cc i-4 engine. The Austin-Healey Sprite Mark will always be remembered for its simple and lightweight design.