20 Muscle Cars That Deserve A Comeback

Muscle cars refer to the cars which have very powerful engines and also classic designs. The last century saw a lot of production of these types of muscle cars which were both useful as well as stylish and were truly revolutionary cars. Here is a list of muscle cars which made a mark in the history of cars.


The Porsche 928 which enjoyed fame as one of the muscle cars from the years of 1978 to 1995. It was basically produced to replace the Porsche 911 which was a very renowned car of those times. With a stylish design and a powerful engine Porsche 928 went on to become one of its kind in that era for being a coupe with a front mounted V8 engine and it was the first ever car manufactured by Porsche with these specifications.


The BMW E30 has always been the dream and luxury car that has always been one. This car was manufactured by BMW from the year 1982-1994. The BMW E30 cars enjoyed the luxury of being powered by straight six engines and a range of four cylindrical engines. The BMW 3 Series E30 came in many stylish designs and provided designs in two doors, four doors and also five doors which were really commendable in the era of 1980s.


Studebaker Avanti 1964 was a stylish car and hands down it has to be in the list of muscle cars to get the list complete. The design of the car itself is so beastly that you get intimidated just by looking at the car. And it was exactly like the beast it looked like with a powerful engine of 240 horsepower which enabled a high-speed performance for the car. Moreover, this car took over the age with its ravishing beauty.