20 Most Famous Cars That Exist In Games

The real life cars are no doubt our friends for the roads. They take us from one place to another giving us the much-needed comfort and if the car is stylish one then it is an added gain. But there are cars who might not prove to be a road hit but cool enough to find places in the video games. Here is the list of 20 most famous cars that became icons of video games.


The Warthog, a powerful vehicle has been there in the Halo since its inception. The reason being its speed, its power to make it suitable for carrying the Spartans to the territory of the enemy. The warthog doesn’t break down if you put it to the rocky landscape or be it amidst the fire of the enemy. Chances are less but still if it turns over then pressing the right arrow one can easily turn it back. Indeed, the Warthog is one of the most famous cars found in the game.


let us be practical here, if you talk about the king of the cars from the world of fiction, then Batmobile will have to be placed at the top. And in the history of Dark Knight, the Batmobile from Batman from Arkham Knight is probably the best version equipped with different kind of stylish Batman Gadgets such as non-deadly weapons and generator of power to let you get to the forbidden areas. This one is one of the most famous cars in the gaming world for sure.

Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck from Twisted Metal

the twisted metal series having an iconic truck of ice cream namely the Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck that proved to be the real hit in the game. Dressed as a joker of the murderous nature, the truck is a boxy and a vehicle loaded with weapons and much more but having an outer appearance that is not lethal. It can destroy any other car that comes its way and therefore is one of most famous cars from the world of games.