20 Macho Cars Of The 19th Century You Would Love To Know

Men surely are fond of cars. The true macho cars are those who can reach remarkable speed and cool looks to impress girls. But not all men like modern cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari, some are taking the side of vintage cars maybe because those classic cars remind them of their fathers or grandfathers or similar childhood memories. Here is a list of 20 macho cars that our forefathers used to love.


The Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing was manufactured in 1954. It was the fastest car on the market of that period produced. This car was built before the war and for the love of sports. It could pick a speed of 160 mph which proved to be one of the true macho cars of that time. The SL 300 was the first of its kind to have a direct fuel injection. Most of the SL300s are still taken by the owners as no one bother to keep eyes off this car.


The legendary Jaguar E-Type was a result of British manufacturing that took place between 1961 and 1975. The Jaguar E-Type was known as one of the macho cars of all time. Enzo Ferrari himself called it a beauty. If you think that cars of today have got some speed then think again. The Jaguar E-type could run at a whopping speed of 150 miles an hour. The brakes were significantly in a better shape compared to most of the classic cars. This is one of the cars that men would love to have.


The Shelby GT 350 is also famous with name Cobra. Shelby, the creator of this monster, also created two models between 1965 and 1966. The 1965’s Mustangs were designed for speed in mind which had a poor interior. Maybe GT350 had less speed, yet it one of the macho cars of the 19th century due to the feel it generates during the movement if you drive them and hear the big sound of it. Although Ford has taken Shelby Autos Shelby kept the GT350 alive.