20 Lost Classic Cars Of The 1980s That Have Become Rare Now

Every year there are produced some exceptional cars that would have the ultimate design and hi-tech and advanced features. But, they would still lack the essence that the classic cars hold for the customer’s satisfaction. But, some of the classic cars failed to make an impact in the market and have become lost by now. Here are the 20 lost classic cars of the 1980s that have become rare now:




The classy Subaru Bi-Drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter commonly known as BRAT was launched before the car enthusiasts in the year 1977. As the name suggests, this car was known for its versatility along with trendy design. Along with this, the highly accessorised BRAT and was well known for its novelty factor at that time but slowly certain drawbacks in its unusual design led to a sudden decline in its sales by mid-eighties and BRAT became one of the lost classic cars of all times.


The amazing 1984-1990 Pontiac Sunbird created a revolution among car lovers with its debut in the year 1982 with its fuel-efficiency, extraordinary performance, versatility and low price. This elegant car came as a big competitor to other cars of that time. Despite so many modifications, Sunbird gradually lost its appeal among the audience and sadly became one among the lost classic cars of all times.


With its launch in the year 1982 in the United States, the Volkswagen Scirocco Mk II left automobile lovers enchanted with its sophistication and comfortable drive. The graceful exteriors and exemplary performance were those important aspects which added a feather to its cap. But with the passage of time and competition at height, Scirocco became lost classic cars.