20 Incredible Dancing Cars Of The 19th Century

Have you heard about dancing cars? Dancing cars are cars that dance. Alternatively, they are known as lowriders or customized cars. Their name only suggests that theses cars are exciting and most Americans love them. Got excited and want to know more about them? Then check out this list of 20 incredible dancing cars of the 19th century.


The making of lowriders is a tough job. But Frank Ochua is someone who made the job easy. He combined his 1953 Chevy and 2004 Herley-Davidson the outcome was published in the magazine. He was proud of his invention and decided to go even further. Remodeled the 1958 GMC 100 and turned that to one of the incredible dancing cars of the 19th century. The vehicle had 350 crates of an engine, featured with silver leafing. That’s how Frank’s dream come true.


Jimmy had a hobby of dealing with lowriding and he does not know when this restful hobby turned into passion backed by his family and friends. Jimmy purchased a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo lowrider for 2500 US dollar only. He replaced the old engine of the car with new 350 and painted the car all over, engine, belly, and frame. Finally with the help from PTR crew he successfully builds one of the incredible dancing cars the Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS.


Enrique Orrantia the lowriding enthusiast was not tired of building a series of lowriders like 1941 coupe, 1948 Fleetline 1938 Chevy or the 1939 Oldsmobile, and he was up for more customization. Enrique was ready for another project. This time he wanted to make a classic convertible and hence the birth of Chevy Fleetmaster Convertible took place. Considered as one of the incredible dancing cars of all time, this is a popular celebrity choice of all time. Enrique gave the car a semi- custom make-over where only little painting and body work have been done.