20 Famous Vintage Cars Of The 19th Century

While modern cars are a style icon, the old cars were all grace. Older vehicles are like an inspiration for the generations of the cars to follow. As a car lover, you must be thinking how the cars of the yesteryear may look like. Therefore, here is a list of 20 famous vintage cars to give you an idea.


The Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead is a legend of a car designed just after the World War. The maker had a dream to find out something that would evolve as a car embedding its own name on the vehicle. This car which we are talking about is a rare piece of manufacturing and it is quite sad that only 28 models were designed. Out of these 28, only three remained in the US. The car will be meeting its successor after a long sixty years of endeavor. The new model will be modifications of the older ones. The Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead is one of the famous vintage cars of the 19th century.


McLaren F1 was introduced as a challenger to the invincible power of Ferrari and Porsche as per as racing is concerned. The McLaren F1 was destined to only one purpose, and that is to conquer the road race. Claimed to be one of the famous vintage cars ever built, the McLaren F1 could catch up to 242 MPH. The company had a decision to create only 64 units of this monster. The F1 is an ideal combo of incredible power, greater handling, and total in-control braking. If you have a care for speed and have lots of savings, this one is for you.


The Porsche 356 was the first of its kind that did happen with the effort of Porsche motors. The car was designed with a back engine, back wheel ride vehicle survived for four generations now. After having a long domination, the car Porsche 356 has ended its journey in 1960. This one of the most famous vintage cars is a classic collectible and not only that, it is also considered as a treat to drive. Total 76,000 original pieces made, the Porsche 356 is still present both in the hearts and minds of the people even today.