20 Classic Italian Sports Cars You Should Own

The sports cars are made all over the globe yet the Italian finish remains to pull the heart strings of the drivers all the time. Over time, the charisma of the classic Italian sports cars has earned the love for consumers for its bright charm. Let us look at a few fast sellers in this list:




The Lancia Stratos was not only the best of the classic Italian sports cars but also an awesome rally car. The car also holds high fidelity, hence named as Lancia Stratos HF. This particular production of Lancia has won 1974, 1975 and the 1976 World Rally Championships. After all, this one was a concept car and earned good will to the manufacturer. In fact, the model inspired a lot of several companies and the other manufacturers literally built replicas for the same.




Being the most popular Maserati version, the car did over 150 mph in the 60s and 70s. Clearly, this was a solid throw just because of the numbers. Probably, this was the only car to show the number in the 60s at least. This is present in the list of its features and of course, the greatness in it. From switchbacks to the pickup, we can’t blame anything even if we tried to do it on purpose.




The Miura was a definition of a supercar. Despite from being the best of the classic Italian sports cars, the car had an appreciable craze just for its style and features. This Italian classic-placed itself firmly as one of the most handsome cars in the 20th century. The work was concentrated on the performance to provide a revolutionary thought yet the output was something classy. The engines and other features belong to the best and this makes Lamborghini Miura as one of the expensive cars.