20 Best Suvs Of All Time That You Can Never Forget

The SUV or Suburban Utility vehicle is a car which is a combination of pickup truck and spacious sedan capable of carrying the passenger. There are many SUVs that created a mark in the car market. Here is a list of 20 best SUVs of all time that left golden memories.


The 1968 Ford Bronco has featured in many films and TV programs. Some of them are 127 Hours, Speed and Smokey, the Bandit, True Blood. Ford took the ownership of Bronco in the year 1966. Branco competed with CJ Jeep. The Bronco followed the design of Off Road Vehicle. The SUV got its power from a 2.8 Liters six cylinders engine. The Ford Bronco was one of the best SUVs of all time that created a great impact in our memories.


Surprised to see International Harvester in this list? Actually, they make a lot of things like machines for the agricultural sector. They also made a few best SUVs of all time that are hard to forget. The Scout was a substitute of Jeep. The Scout had the extra feature of back seats or bucket seats. The engine of Scout had a configuration of 4.6 or 8 cylinders. The Scout had many things in common with the Bronco of 1968.


The Toyota FJ40 is better known as Toyota Land Cruiser 40. The Mercedes G-Class has the latest variant which looks similar to the Toyota FJ40. The Toyota FJ40 is little bigger than the CJ Jeep. The production of Toyota FJ40 started in the year 1960. It continued till 1984. The Off Road lovers still remember this one of the best SUVs of all time. The Toyota FJ40 just does not delete from its fan’s mind. The impact is long lasting.