20 Best Looking Cars Of The Classic Era Worth Dying

Class, Elegance, and Style never fade away with time. Our history has given us various illustrations of most perpetual designs that have created a landmark in the field of fashion, craze, and trend. The era of mid 19th century has given us a lot of such eternal creations. 20 best looking cars of the classic era which would leave you awestruck are –

The car was produced during the era of 1950 to the year 1958. There were around 18 thousand cars produced in the span of 8 years. It was designed by Pininfarina and was available in many different types. The car was mainly a 2-door and a 4-door variant. The types of cars available were mainly saloon, coupe, convertible and spider. Lancia Aurelia was a beautiful car that was used by both men and women and the designer made sure that it grabs attention of the passersby. The brilliant look and powerful performance made is one of the best looking cars of the classic era.



The Mini car was first produced by the British Motor Works whose main model was to produce small cars for the small household. They were a perfect fit in the house having 2-3 members. Mini Mark I began the trend of small cars being produced by other automobile companies. The car was produced in the span of 8 years that is 1959 to the year 1967. Mini Mark I had a 2-door variant only. The professionals name this car in best looking cars of the classic era.



Well, this automobile giant needs no introduction. Aston Martin is known to produce cars that are pleasing to the eyes of any generation. Aston Martin DB5 was a car that played a role in many action movies of Hollywood. Not only that, it was also used by actors as their personal vehicle to commute. The car had immense power and had amazing looks too. It was then succeeded by Aston Martin DB9 which is still ruling the streets. DB5 is undoubtedly best-looking cars of the classic era.