20 Best Commercial Vehicles Ever That You Would Love To Know

Commercial vehicles are those used for carrying goods and passenger for the exchange of money. Therefore they are not normal luxury cars. Instead, they have a commercial purpose to serve. If you are in search of such vehicles then follow my list of 20 best commercial vehicles.

The Volkswagen Transporter is one of the world’s best commercial vehicles. The Volkswagen Transporter came to the market in the year 1950. It is still at service today. The vehicle has the capacity of delivering 199,700 units. The Volkswagen Transporter can give service all around the world. The Volkswagen Transporter is recently going through its sixth generation. The vehicle is still very popular. So the Hanover factory is busy manufacturing these vehicles. The factory is at full capacity.


The Ford Transit got its introduction in 1965. E –series is the American competitor of Ford Transit. But recently the Ford Transit has beaten its competitor. The Ford Transit is one of the best commercial vehicles of all time. The Ford Transit also runs faster than any other vans used for commercial purpose. The vehicle has two production units. One in Kansas, USA and other in Kocaeli, Turkey. The production of the Ford transit turns out to be nearly 200,000 units per year.


The Ford E-Series started its journey in the year 1961.The Ford E-Series is one of North America’s best commercial vehicles of all time. The popularity of this van lasted for more than fifty years. Later the European brother has replaced the Ford E-Series. The run-out phase is going on for the Ford E-series. Now variants with only chassis-cab are being manufactured. But the sale of the Ford E-series has climbed to 50,000 units per year.