20 Best Classic Cars Known For Highly Modified Tuning And Speed

There are those cars that are too perfect and there are others that hardly get in the good books of credits. But every crazy fan of cars and engines love those cars that would look great to be combined and tuned to the melody of speed and strength of the cars. These cars can be converted into some of the highly-modified wonders and hot wheels of our time. Here are the 20 best classic cars known for highly modified tuning and speed:


Audi TT-best classic cars


One of the best classic cars that have the reputation of being a well-tuned with fully independent front suspension are the Audi TT models. It is available as either four-wheel drive or on demand Quattro four that look glamorous after tuning. The fast and fluid Audi TT shared the features with its identical Volkswagen A4. This great combo gave the tuners the platform to depict a combination of style and refinement. It was nominated for several Car of the Year Awards but the modified version looked sporty.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a durable, finely tuned and a rally inspired turbocharged automobile. The handling and the performance of the car were noticed by the British authority that it became the British Cops car. These cars have been very popular and have been in production for quite some time but being the best classic cars, they are unbeatable at many race tracks. Once these models get modified and tuned into another of its kind, these cars smooth and awesome to drive.


Chevy Corvette


Of the best classic cars, the Corvette is now the official sports car of the Kentucky Commonwealths. The Corvette C2 is quite coveted and rare car for only five of their kind- C2 were built. In 1999, it got the Best Engineered Car of the last century title which in itself speaks volume about its best features. These cars have been nominated and graced in the Ten Best list for 16 times. It looks best when it’s tuned to perfection by the experts as it has got just about everything for a covetous car.