20 Best Car Designs In The Motoring History You Would Love To Know

The best car design is one of the terms that are nebulously defined for almost all the cars. The best design cars are very prompt in their performance and are superlative. Nowadays all company manufacture their car with best features with almost two doors and can be handled like a race car. People are waiting for the best car designs ever that are to be procured from the wild.




The car Lamborghini Countach is the most exotic cars which was manufactured in 1971. The car’s engine was the type prototype with an engine of 5 liters. The cars are quite strange which is very much different from other cars. The cars are barbaric and almost fantastic. The Lamborghini Countach is the car that is considered to be the follower of the car Miura and was developed by the young talented engineers and was used as racing cars at that time. The car can be considered as one of the unbelievable classic cars.




The car can be considered as the masterpiece and has the best car designs ever. The car is nimble, sleek in design, and lively. The car is a traditional one with a rear drive. With a front engine, which is usually known as Tips 251, 9.3:1 is the compression ratio that the car banks. With a speed of 174 mph, the car reaches 0-60 within just 5.4 seconds and this is something pretty appreciable.




Auburn Boattail Speedster is the car with the best car designs ever and is one of the fastest cars on the road. Auburn’s test drivers when taking the car on road is unable to be caught by the police because of the immense speed of the car. The water-cooled engine with a side valve and an eight cylinder head was only an add-on. The maximum power the car could produce was 150 bhp at 4000 rpm, which was considered to be one of the best in 1932.