16 Best Lamborghini Cars That You Can Never Forget

Lamborghini cars are considered to be created for godhood. It is very difficult to take the best Lamborghini cars out of the huge variety of cars. But an after a detailed study, I have finally made a list. This list of 16 Best Lamborghini cars will make every Lambo fan jump off the ground with excitement.

The Lamborghini Muira (1966)

People don’t really know but Lamborghini is actually a tractor company. They build a tractor in their initial days. After the grand success of the tractors, Mr. Lamborghini brought many cars starting Alfa Romeo, Maserati and of course Ferrari. The Ferrari GT that he brought home with passion had a serious issue with the clutch. When he told Enzo Ferrari about it, he laughed him out of the door. Lamborghini challenged him to design a better car with the concept of super sports car. Thus, came the Muira which was a grand success. This car is one of the best Lamborghini cars ever which was eventually named after his friend Muira who was a fighting bull breeder. That explains the logo of Lamborghini entirely.


The Lamborghini Espada was the next model in the Lamborghini family. The Muira was modified with the power of Espada and a new beauty was built. Lamborghini is a famous for the authentic aerodynamic design. But this car is not only one of the best Lamborghini cars but also built with a different design. The usual design was overlooked and now the Espada is designed more like a Mustang with the power of a V12 2.9 liters engine.


The next line of best Lamborghini cars started with the Islero. After building a muscle car, Lamborghini decided to bring the usual design with the same power in it. The famous sexy design of Lamborghini built with 3.9 L V12 engine made the Islero the next big thing before the oil crisis and bankruptcy of Lamborghini. The golden era of Finocchio Lamborghini was now at an end. The company was now about to have a new owner.