15 Never Before Seen Custom Jeeps

Jeeps are a popular ride for the outdoorsmen of the world.  They are also loved by normal folk to use as an everyday car.  Guys who love to go off-road know Jeeps all too well.  These are the guys who enjoy modifying their Jeeps to handle even the most extreme terrain.

This list is perfect for Jeep enthusiasts and anyone else who enjoys checking out cool custom cars.  You may find some new ideas to use for your own Jeep project or get inspired to start one of your own.

1. Tin Can Jeep

This tin can Jeep may lack functionality, but it makes up for it by being built for a good cause.  Jeep and a Canadian charity named Canstruction teamed up to construct this work of art.  Canstruction’s main purpose is to help end world hunger hence the construction made out of empty food cans.  If those cans were all filled with beans, this baby should have enough gas to ride for years to come!

Time to power things up with the next Jeep!