20 Amazing Classic Cars For The Best Long Trip Memories

We all have a life where we cannot really find time for ourselves. Amidst all this chaos in the concrete jungles, we find peace between the scorching sun and cool breeze that we experience when we pull our windows down on way back home. What better than amazing classic cars to have a road trip? We anyway do not have them but we can only imagine the times when people had to cars and chose a road trip to travel. Let us look at such cars and blow our minds off with jealousy.

1997 Acura Integra Type-R-Amazing Classic Cars

The car manufactured by one of the most renowned automobile company that is Honda. Honda started producing Acura Integra in the year 1997 and since then it is one of the most stylish car that the world has ever seen. Integra had felt of the car that was used by those Hollywood actors who took their loved ones on a road trip and the road was full of lush green trees and flowers. Also, the car has the power that is above average compared to other cars in the line. It was indeed one of the most amazing classic cars that one was happy to own.

1991 Ford Explorer


As the name suggests, this car was one of them like the Range Rover’s of this decade. The car was huge and had immense power. It was a 4-wheel drive with automatic as well as manual suspension. The customer had to select one of their own choices. Ford Explorer had a capacity of almost 6 passengers and the trunk was big enough to fit in luggage for 2-3 days of the trip. The car could easily climb slopes and tread the rocky road with ease. The people owning one of the most amazing classic cars are indeed lucky.


1993 Toyota Supra


As we are all familiar with the name Toyota Supra we all know how much we fascinate that car. Toyota Supra was an all-rounder car that was used in almost all the fields. It was used for commutation, it was used in racing and also, it was a Grand Tourer and thereby used for a long fascinating road trip. The car had a roaring engine in front and a rear-wheel drive to outmatch others in the line. Toyota Supra had all the rights to be in the list of amazing classic cars of all time without a doubt.